Annual Inspection of Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs)

The annual inspection is a requirement for all PUJs plying inside the campus to ensure their conformity to traffic safety and smoke emission regulations. A PUJ is required to pass the above carriage and under carriage inspections by the Traffic Management Office and the Campus Maintenance Office, as well as the smoke emission testing by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Only after passing the inspections will the jeepney operator be allowed to apply for the PUJ’s Permit to Operate (PTO).


a.  Properly accomplished application form

b. LTO’s Certificate of Registration (1 photocopy)

c. LTO’s Official Receipt(1 photocopy)

d. Certificate of Public Convenience or Application for Extension of Validity (1 photocopy)

e. Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance (1 photocopy)

f. Stencil of vehicle’s motor and chassis number

g. Location sketch of the PUJ’s garage (indicating the nearest landmark)

Application for PUJ Driver’s Identification Card

Drivers of all the PUJs plying inside the campus are required to annually renew their PUJ Driver’s Identification Cards.  Once received, it is compulsory that the driver’s Identification Card is always displayed and visible to the commuting public.


a.  Properly accomplished application form

b. Driver’s License(1 photocopy)

c. Endorsement letter from the Operator of the PUJ

d. Endorsement letter from the President of the PUJ Operators’ and Drivers’ Association

e.Barangay Clearance

f. NBI Clearance (1 photocopy) (for new applicant)

g. 1 ½ x 1 ½ Recent colored photo (2 pieces)

h. Drug Test Result

Request for Traffic Assistance

The Traffic Management Office provides traffic assistance during special events or by request to the University’s academic and non-academic units. Designated TMO personnel help direct traffic flow during special events and provide assistance to motorists inside the UP Diliman campus.

Requirement: Letter of request with approval from the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs