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The Campus Maintenance Office is in charge of the overall upkeep of the University, including buildings and offices, dormitories and housing units, roads, sewers and drainage systems, parks and gardens, nurseries and the arboretum as well as hauling activities, fabrication and installation of street signs. Under its wing are three divisions namely, the Building and Maintenance Division (BMD), the Grounds Services and Arboretum Division (GSAD), and the Dormitories and Housing Maintenance Team (DHMT).

The CMO Director also convenes all the Building Administrators in the campus to coordinate unit-level and campus-wide maintenance efforts in support of the University’s objective for judicious utilization of water and electricity services and maintaining safety and cleanliness in all buildings and facilities.

Arch. James Christopher Buño
Acting Director
Campus Maintenance Office

Arch. James Christopher Buño is the new Acting Director of the Campus Maintenance Office (CMO), succeeding Engr. Pacifico Gonzales. He personally envisions the CMO as “an effective steward of the University’s facilities”.  He has taken over in administering the three service divisions of the CMO which are responsible for the over-all upkeep of the campus and round-the-clock-response to campus emergencies.

Prior to his appointment as the unit’s Acting Director in March 2017, Arch. Buño has already been serving the University as a Landscaping Supervisor of the CMO, where he oversees the grounds maintenance activities, such as street sweeping, grass cutting and tree pruning.  He also supervises plant decorations for in-campus events and manages the University’s plant nursery.  Before joining CMO, Arch. Buño worked in landscape design and construction management from 2011 to 2016.

A licensed landscape architect, Arch. Buño is currently a student of the Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning (MA URP) program here at UP Diliman, where he also obtained his Bachelor in Landscape Architecture degree.

Arch. Buño is the current Board Secretary of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA) and was a former Project Director of the Luntiang Pook: A Landscape Design Workshop Using Indigenous and Edible Plants for Filipino Communities, PALA’s community engagement initiative. He loves to eat and, in his free time, enjoys meeting friends over good food or coffee.

Being the unit tasked to keep the University grounds and infrastructures in good condition, the Campus Maintenance Office performs the following services:

Over-all Building Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration and Welding
  • Carpentry
Dormitory and Housing Maintenance
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical system
  • Repair and maintenance of plumbing system
  • Repair and maintenance of roofs, ceiling, walls and partitions
  • Minor repainting
  • Operation of Dona Aurora water system
  • Preventive Maintenance
Beautification, Landscaping and Maintenance of Parks, Gardens, Plant Nursery and Arboretum
  • Pruning, trimming, grass cutting
  • Maintenance of campus grounds
  • Care of propagated plants and trees
  • Collecting planting materials
  • Propagation of plants
  • Painting/repainting flower pots
  • Landscape maintenance and development
  • Assisting planting activities
  • Decoration for and assisting in special activities
Hauling and Sanitation
  • Collection of twigs, dried leaves and other non-biodegradable wastes inside the campus
  • Guiding private garbage collector around the campus
  • Assisting during special events
  • Other hauling works
Roads, Sewer and Drainage
  • Repair and maintenance of campus roads, driveways and parking lots
  • Fabrication of manhole covers and construction of open canals
  • Repair and maintenance of drainage pipelines, open canals, street inlets, etc.
  • Cleaning septic tanks and sewer manholes
  • Repair and maintenance of UP-owned vehicles
  • Body Repair of service vehicles
  • Operating generators
See or send us a letter at:

Campus Maintenance Office
Community Affairs Complex, E. Jacinto Street,
U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City 1101

Trunkline: 8981-8500 local numbers: 116, 4028 and 4039
Direct Line: 8361-8262
Hotline: (0977) 784 1234


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