As a primary hospital within the country’s premier national university, the University Health Service (UHS) aspires to be a model health facility that provides excellent primary care and diagnostic services including meaningful public health care programs. From its original mandate of attending to the health needs of students only, the University Health Service (UHS) has evolved and expanded its clientele to also include employees and their dependents as well as other campus residents.

UHS is licensed by the Department of Health (DoH) and accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth). It has a 50-bed capacity. It is fully capable of handling simple, uncomplicated and stable medical conditions and, to a limited extent, non-serious cases and conditions which require the services of medical specialists.

UHS has specialists—in the field of internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedic surgery, neurology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, nephrology, dermatology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, ear-nose and throat and allergology-immunology—who provide secondary care on an out-patient basis at the Specialty Clinics. UHS also provide medical ancillary services through its pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, dietary and electrocardiography sections.