“The Office of Community Relations shall promote close relations between the University and the residents of the Diliman community and appropriate local governments. In cooperation with other bodies, it shall be responsible for sponsoring health, beautification and sanitation projects, as well as cultural and recreation activities in the campus.”(Memorandum No. 95-172 dated 23 March 1983)


According to Executive Order No. 95-04: Providing for the Organization, Administration and Operationalization of the UP Diliman Office of Community Relations (UPD-OCR), the OCR shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

1. To develop and maintain linkages with People’s Organizations within the UP Diliman campus;

2. To plan and coordinate community-based projects that encourage active participation of UP Diliman residents;

3. To develop and maintain a databank of information pertaining to the UP Diliman population;

4. To assist the UP Diliman Administration in the formulation of official statement expressing the stand of UP Diliman pertaining to local community issues;

5. To assist and advise the UP Diliman Administration in managing crises where local community involvement and cooperation plays a critical role; and

6. In general, to help promote cooperation between UP Diliman and the local communities.