In 1981, a Management Review Committee was created to conduct an appraisal and audit of the organization and management functions of the University of the Philippines for the purpose of bringing about progressive, effective, economical, coordinated and simplified organization and management operations appropriate to a multi-campus University.

On October 22, 1982, the BOR approved the creation of an Office of Community Relations during its 954th meeting.

On March 23, 1983, the President of the University issued Executive Order No. 5 entitled “On the Reorganization of the Administration of the University of the Philippines Diliman” pursuant to the decisions of the Board of Regents made at its 953rd, 954th and 956th meeting of the various recommendations of the President regarding the organizational structure of UP Diliman submitted by the committee providing therein, among other, that the Office of Community Relations shall be under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs.

It was organized and operationalized in 1995, by virtue of then President Emil Q. Javier’s Executive Order No. 95-04 dated September 6,1995, “Providing for the Organization, Administration, and Operationalization of the UPD-OCR.”

On April 3, 1997 the Diliman Housing Committee, through Vice Chancellor Oscar L. Evangelista, recommended to the Chancellor the transfer of functions and records pertinent to self-built houses on campus from the UP Housing Office (HO) to the Office of Community Relations (OCR), (Ref. No. OLE-106-97). With the approval of President Emil Q. Javier on April 9,1997, the Office of Community Relations, then, took sole jurisdiction over Self-Built Units on Campus completely.