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” The Office of Community Relations shall promote close relations between the University and the residents of the Diliman community and appropriate local governments. In cooperation with other bodies, it shall be responsible for sponsoring health, beautification and sanitation projects, as well as cultural and recreation activities in the campus.”

(Memorandum No. 95-172 dated 23 March 1983)


According to Executive Order No. 95-04: Providing for the Organization, Administration and Operationalization of the UP DIliman Office of Community Relations (UPD-OCR).

The UP Diliman Office of Community Relations shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

1. To develop and maintain linkages with People’s Organizations within the UP Diliman campus;
2. To plan and coordinate community-based projects that encourage active participation of UP Diliman residents;
3. To develop and maintain a databank of information pertaining to the UP Diliman population;
4. To assist the UP Diliman Administration in the formulation of official statement expressing the stand of UP Diliman pertaining to local community issues;
5. To assist and advise the UP Diliman Administration in managing crises where local community involvement and cooperation plays a critical role; and
6. In general, to help promote cooperation between UP Diliman and the local communities.


In 1981, a Management Review Committee was created to conduct an appraisal and audit of the organization and management functions of the University of the Philippines for the purpose of bringing about progressive, effective, economical, coordinated and simplified organization and management operations appropriate to a multi-campus University.

On October 22, 1982, the BOR approved the creation of an Office of Community Relations during its 954th meeting.

On March 23, 1983, the President of the University issued Executive Order No. 5 entitled “On the Reorganization of the Administration of the University of the Philippines Diliman” pursuant to the decisions of the Board of Regents made at its 953rd, 954th and 956th meeting of the various recommendations of the President regarding the organizational structure of UP Diliman submitted by the committee providing therein, among other, that the Office of Community Relations shall be under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs.

It was organized and operationalized in 1995, by virtue of then President Emil Q. Javier’s Executive Order No. 95-04 dated September 6,1995, “Providing for the Organization, Administration, and Operationalization of the UPD-OCR.”

On April 3, 1997 the Diliman Housing Committee, through Vice Chancellor Oscar L. Evangelista, recommended to the Chancellor the transfer of functions and records pertinent to self-built houses on campus from the UP Housing Office (HO) to the Office of Community Relations (OCR), (Ref. No. OLE-106-97). With the approval of President Emil Q. Javier on April 9,1997, the Office of Community Relations, then, took sole jurisdiction over Self-Built Units on Campus completely.

Dr. Karen Ann Jago-on
Acting Director
Office of Community Relations
The Office of Community Relations performs several core tasks and delivers important services:

It ensures sustained coordination with different stakeholders in the UP community. It facilitates or help in the facilitation of regular coordination meetings on various community concerns:

  1. Monthly Barangay Captains Meeting
  2. Monthly Pook Coordinators Meeting
  3. Monthly Transport Groups Meeting
  4. Monthly Meeting of the MDCC (Multi-Stakeholders’ Dialogue for Community Concerns) Coordinating Body (People’s Organizations)
  5. Monthly Housing Coordinating Body Meeting
  6. Monthly Building Administrators’ Meeting
  7. Consultations with individual LGU units and people’s organizations on specific concerns
  8. Consultations with different academic units for community concerns
  9. Consultations with other government agencies and outside institutions and networks on UP community concerns
Traffic Management
OCR is tasked to design and lead the implementation of UP Diliman’s Traffic Management System. In line with this duty, it executes the following activities:

  1. Annual Renewal of Permit-to-Operate for Public Utility Jeepneys (provide link)
  2. Annual Renewal of UP Driver’s ID (provide link)
  3. Planning and leading the implementation of traffic rerouting schemes during special events, road improvement projects, etc.
  4. Implementation of UP Traffic Policies for Public Utility Jeepneys and penalizing traffic violations committed by PUJ drivers
  5. Values Reformation seminars for PUJ drivers
  6. Commuter’s Education
Self-built Units Monitoring
It implements regulations on self-built housing units in accordance to UP’s containment policy. It handles the following processes and projects.

  1. Processing of permits for:
    1. SBU repair
    2. Right-of-way for water and electricity connection
    3. Construction of septic tank in SBUs
  2. Conducting Census of Self-built Housing Units
Animal Welfare and Public Safety
OCR is in charge of implementing UP policies concerning stray animals and livestock within the campus. It does so with conscious adherence to laws on animal rights and welfare. It works with local government units, the UP Veterinary Hospital, and various animal rights advocacy groups to facilitate the following activities in line with animal welfare and public safety:

  1. Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drives
  2. Spaying and Neutering of Cats
  3. Responsible Pet Ownership Seminars
  4. Capturing and Impounding Stray Animals
Community Development
OCR initiates and supports programs, projects and activities that enhance the capacity of the community to resolve its problems and promote unity, cooperation and development. In line with this, the office engages in the following efforts:

  1. Leadership Training Seminars for Community Leaders
  2. Community Organizing Support
  3. Facilitation of CWTS field work in the UP community
  4. Facilitating partnerships between the community and interested UP units and/or outside networks for community development projects
See or send us a letter at:

Office of Community Relations
Community Affairs Complex, E. Jacinto Street,
U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City 1101